The Top 5 Crystals for Anxiety in 2019!

Fall is upon us, The season is here, with the season comes great food, cool weather and unfortunately... anxiety. In this day in age everything is so fast paced and with this fast paced environment comes distractions, overload problems and instant gratification all causing anxiety. Now there are a bunch of ways to help us cope with anxiety, from medication and meditation to just simply taking breaks. We found that a great way to relax is to regather ourselves and allow ourselves to recharge and the best way to recharge our mind, body and spirit is through the use of crystal healing. These crystals are not the be-all and end-all to curing anxiety, if they were, I probably wouldn't have to write this up to tell you guys about it. However, studies have proven that using these crystals and their energies can help us relax and ease some of the anxiousness in ourselves. Below are our top 5 stones for 2019 to help us ease anxiety. We even decided to showcase them in bracelet form so that you can take them with you wherever you are!

5. Howlite


At number 5, we have Howlite. We often find Howlite in jewelry and because of its porous texture, Howlite is often dyed to many different colors. While dying the stone changes the appearance, it does not change its strength and impact. Howlite helps temper heavy emotions and deal with any problems in a more calm manner. This makes it the perfect stone to use for when we are feeling anxious or feel we make rash decisions based on emotional turmoil. 

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4. Moonstone

Moonstone has a feminine energy, it's easy and light and holds our best interests at its core. Its energies can help us remain calm, especially during panic attacks, making it a very important stone to keep on you at all times. Moonstone also helps us understand ourselves and the decisions we make. It is a great stone for meditation, inner growth and helping us see things as what they are.

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3. Shungite

In a time full of electromagnetic waves or EMFS, we need to make sure our mind, body and spirit is protected from these constant waves and shungite is the perfect stone to help us do that. Shungite helps protect us against these EMFs that can keep us wound up and wired and because of its powerful cleansing energy it helps us get rid of negative energies while keeping stress levels and anxiety low. Shungite can be worn, put in our phone cases or even put in our water to help us.

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2. Rose Quartz

A very common but powerful stone, Rose Quartz makes it into the top two of our list. Rose Quartz radiates unconditional love and loving energy to help heal the heart. Because of its loving properties, Rose Quartz makes it perfect for those looking to recover from broken hearts, easing our guilt and balancing our emotions. Rose Quartz is easy to obtain and can be found in many different accessories making it a perfect stone to carry around with you. 

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1. Sodalite

Sodalite, I know I know, it sounds like a diet soda or something of that nature but believe me, this stone has much more to offer than its name entails. Sodalite is the go to stone for all anxiety related problems. This stone helps protect against phobias or insecurities leading to anxiety, it also helps calm one while going through an anxiety or panic attack, it helps us in times of fear and mental confusion and it helps stop from electromagnetic pollution. 

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There you have it, our top 5 crystals to help with Anxiety in 2019!