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Stones of Transformation

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy

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If you are interested in one of our therapies please contact us via phone at 909-368-2671.

Group Therapies are available, groups can be up to 4 total people and after first purchase, there is a $30 fee for each additional person attending. 

Please contact us prior to placing group orders. 

Sound Therapy is the use of music to help heal the body in different ways such as relief from stress, lessening headaches, boosting confidence, increasing focus, more energy, improved relationships, help someone think more clearly, improve organization skills, improve attention span and help get relief from common ailments.

Sounds and music have proven to help the body because when specific sounds are played, they trigger a response by the body and using this therapy can have a positive effect on one's life.

Any cancellations must be made 24 hours before appointment to receive a full refund. If they are not made within that time, there may be a 50% non refundable fee. 

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. This will allow us to check appointment for you within the time allotted. To ensure our providers stay on schedule. If you arrive late, this may cut into your therapy time.

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