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Motoki Energy Healing

Motoki Energy Healing

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 Once booked you will be contacted by Motoki practitioner to schedule in person appointment

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MotoKi is a more modern form of the ancient practices. The literal translation of "Moto" is "base", "foundation", "the cause", or "origin". MotoKi is the art of using a strong connection to ground to bring up powerful earth energy and project it. 

Anyone familiar with the different healing modalities available today has come to know Reiki, literally translated as "Universal Energy." It is believed that everything is made up of energy. The practice of directing ethereal-based (spiritual) energy by using your own energy and intent can result in finding equilibrium and improved health.

Ancient practices in directing energy were more earth-based, and considered power-forms. They were far from subtle, and with the proper direction could affect significant change in others. In the healing arts they were direct and extremely beneficial, assuming their invasive nature was balanced with strong ethics or divine guidance.

Motoki I certified practitioner, Katarina Reyes will use motoki techniques to ease discomfort or pain in your body. It is similar to Reiki in the sense that it can be done as the client sits in a chair or lays down on a massage table. Clients of Katarina's describe Motoki as feeling grounding and powerful. Clients who have done a Reiki session describe Motoki as distinctly different from Reiki. Most clients like both Reiki and Motoki but some have a preference of one over the other. 


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