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Stones of Transformation

Akashic Record Reading

Akashic Record Reading

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Please use text 909-200-9524 to book your appointment

Every soul has a Book of Life that contains their past, present, and future. This Book of Life also includes all past incarnations and lessons that the soul has. I enter each person's Akashic records by first asking their permission to access their records then use a prayer given to me by Linda Howe to open your records. During the Opening Prayer I ask the Lords, Masters, and Loved Ones to protect us and guide us with compassion. Any messages you need to know whether about patterns in your life, a relationship, or career I can answer by being a channel for your Masters and Loved Ones to speak with you. 

When asking questions I encourage you to start with why or how. The Masters and Loved Ones will most likely not answer questions regarding “when” because in their realm time is not linear like ours in the 3D world is. It also may not be in your best interest to know exactly when something will happen because as beings with free will events in our life change rapidly. 



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