Top 5 Crystals for Fall 2019!

Fall time is coming, get ready for the beautiful fall leaves and the nice crisp weather. We also don't want to forget about the amazing food and quality time with our friends and family.
Fall is also a time of transitioning and during this time, we believe that it is important to stay grounded, calm and accepting of change that may come. It is also a time to be creative, to help us find our inner creativity and help us show it. Below are our top 5 stones that we believe will help ease your transition and boost your creativity this Fall and will help keep with the transition of the season. 

5. Black Tourmaline

An important stone during this time of year, Black Tourmaline is great to protect against negativity. May also help increase our emotional vitality, physical vitality and may hope promote emotional stability. During change, we tend to feel overwhelmed and this stone would be perfect for stability and this stone would be a perfect addition to any home.

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4. Selenite

Selenite, one of the least expensive stones on this list and it's definitely one of our favorites! Selenite is useful during the Fall because it is a grounding stone, it will help promote calmness while holding the stone during meditation or times of struggle. Selenite is also a great stone for flexibility and great for gaining a new perspective and achieve clarity. 

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3. Carnelian

Carnelian, unlike the other stones on this list, this stone is there to help boost creativity. Carnelian helps us channel our inner personal power and compassion as well which can help with family and friends during this beautiful season. Carnelian is also really great to help with colds and allergies which are also prevalent during this time of year. The nice color of this stone also fits in with the colors of the season and will make a nice addition to any home.

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2. Labradorite

Labradorite, the ultimate stone of transformation, no pun intended. We love this stone because it's one of the best stones while going through change. Labradorite helps provide strength and perseverance and is great to help manage anxiety and stress. This stone is beautiful to wear as a jewelry piece, hold in times of turmoil, keep around your home or car and especially great to meditate with.

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And, our top stone for Fall 2019 is none other than...

1. Amber

Amber is such a beautiful stone and it's perfect for fall, starting from its physical appearance. The beautiful color on this stone makes a great addition to any home or car or jewelry piece for any collection. Amber is perfect for stress, depression fear and anxiety which always seem to come during this time of the year. Amber is also perfect for cleansing of our spirit, mind and soul. 

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There you have it, our top 5 stones for Fall 2019!