Top 8 Crystals for Abundance and Prosperity in 2019!

Why 8 you may ask? Well 8 is the number of abundance and we thought it would be fitting to include this number, since this next blog post will be all about abundance and prosperity! 

8. Moss Agate

Moss Agate, it's greenish color resembles the color of money but it's so much more than that. Moss Agate may help improve self-esteem and remove weather related emotional fluctuation. Now that your emotional self is in balance, it's easier to focus on growth and prosperity. Moss Agate, just like its name suggests, is all about growth in every possible aspect of life. In business, it draws in new customers to bring in gradual growth, it's also good to keep one near while working on contracts or taxes to promote prosperity. As far as how to best use it, you can wear this crystal around you in bracelet, necklace or ring form to harness its energy. 

7. Amazonite

Another green stone makes the list. The common thing with a lot of these stones is that gems and crystals is that their healing energies typically reflect the color of what they associate themselves with. Amazonite is a stone for prosperity and when placed or worn in the workplace can help bring new customers and attract them to your business. Amazonite is also a stone of good luck and that's good luck in all aspects of life, but most importantly in finance. To make a lucky-charm, combine three Amazonite stones and a small portion of mint and basil in a small bag or pouch and carry that around with you. 

6. Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye is going to be one of the most common and easily identifiable stones on this list. Tigers eye makes this list because of it's unique quality to bring confidence to anyone coming in contact or wearing this stone. A confident person is more likely to be successful and sure in their decisions. Tigers eye also helps you see situations with a fresh perspective in life and gives you the confidence to make the right decisions. This lends itself useful in business transactions, deals and difficult choices. Also, Tigers eye is easily obtainable and can be worn in many different forms.

5. Peridot

Peridot is the stone for growth! It's beautiful greenish color also reflects the color of abundance. As the stone for growth, this stone vibrates at a high level and at an increasing level. This stone helps you manifest your goals, dreams and everything with it. Think of it as a "if you believe, you can achieve" type of crystal, it gives us courage and confidence that our choices are the right ones. It is vital for prosperity because if you want something deeply enough, having peridot around you or in your home will remind you of these goals, whether financial or otherwise. Peridot is also very striking in person and therefore is found in a lot of jewelry. 

4. Aventurine


Like most of all the stones on this list, Aventurine holds the color of abundance, green. However, Green Aventurine has something that these other stones do not, while most of the stones on this list help us with abundance, this stone helps in a way that's different than the other ones by giving you the mindset to be more playful with your finances. By being more playful, it allows you to be happier and take risks that can ultimately help your wealth grow. Also, aventurine is the stone of opportunity, it will open doors for you, not literally of course, but nonetheless, it's hard to stress the importance of this stone when it comes to improving your finances. 

3. Pyrite

Pyrite or Fools Gold as it's more commonly known by lives up to the second part of its name. Pyrite though not gold, does provide wealth in its own way and has been used for centuries as a symbol or charm of good luck and prosperity. It is a great stone to place in your home to attract wealth as it combines feng shui with abundance. You should place Pyrite in the south east corner of your home as this is known as the wealth corner of the home. It does well on its own in the form of a bracelet or raw stone, but it is also popular to mix this stone up with other stones in a bowl or tray to help enhance each other. 

2. Citrine

Citrine is known as the Money stone or Merchant stone. It helps us manifest our deepest wants and unlock our imagination. There's a reason why when people mention money or finances, anyone who knows anything about stones, they recommend Citrine.  Citrine is also great for bringing happiness into our lives, which is just as if not more important than bringing abundance into our lives. Happiness usually tends to bring growth into our lives and by allowing you to let go of your fear, Citrine helps you to be able to accept the positive things that are coming your way.


AND OUR TOP STONE FOR Abundance and Prosperity is..

1. Green Jade

Green Jade, the long game crystal, this crystal isn't used for quick fixes or to turn your wealth around overnight. Green Jade is like going to the gym, at first you may not see any immediate results, but after some time, you'll notice the long-term results. Jade reminds you to work hard toward your long-term financial goals. It's the most recognized stone for abundance and harmony and for good reason. This is an extremely lucky stone and it works best surrounded by other stones because it helps increase their overall energies and prosperity. Many people like to use Green Jade in jewelry so that they can make sure to carry this good luck stone with them at all times. In times of new business, it's helpful to have some Green Jade present, so this makes a great gift for those starting a new business or venturing off on a new financial adventure.

There you have it, our top 8 crystals for abundance in 2019!

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