Stones of Transformation

Black Tektite Necklace

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Sterling Silver 1.2" Black Tektite Necklace with sterling silver chain measuring approximately 18" 

-They are also known as Tibetan Tektite.

-May help with circulatory problems, fertility issues and problems with fevers.

-May help with protection, promote lucid dreaming,

-Help promote healthy meditation and may also help us remember our past lives.

-May also help promote astral travel.

-May help remove all energetic blockages

-Tektite is known to have a healing vibration and may help accelerate healing from illness and injury.

-May also help those suffering from depression by bringing a calming and grounding sensation throughout the body.

-May help open up communication with the use of telepathy.

-May help overcome fears and may help unblock the lower chakras.

-May help link together the lower and higher chakras with each other.

This is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.