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Chakra Tuning Fork (Set of 8)

Chakra Tuning Fork (Set of 8)

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Set of 8 Chakra Tuning Forks.
Set Includes Tuning Forks for the following Chakras:

Root, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Third Eye, Throat, Crown and Soul Purpose

It also comes with a carrying case and a rubber mallet that some may use to activate the tuning forks.

Below are the Tuning Forks and their individual properties:


Mallet Size: Approximately 7.25 inches


Light Blue Weighted Tuning Fork 

Chakra: Throat

L: Approximately 8.25 inch

W: Approximately 1.75 inch

Frequency: 141.27 Hz


Orange/Yellow Weighted Tuning Fork 

Chakra: Sacral

L: Approximately 7.5 inch

W: Approximately 1.75 inch

Frequency: 210.42 Hz


Yellow Weighted Tuning Fork 

Chakra: Solar Plexus

L: Approximately 8.5 inch

W: Approximately 1.75 inch

Frequency: 126.22 Hz

Green Weighted Tuning Fork 

Chakra: Heart Chakra

L: Approximately 8.5 inch

W: Approximately 1.75 inch

Frequency: 136.10 Hz


Blue Weighted Tuning Fork 

Chakra: Third Eye 

L: Approximately 7.5 inch

W: Approximately 1.75 inch

Frequency: 221.23 Hz


Red Weighted Tuning Fork 

Chakra: Root

L: Approximately 8 inch

W: Approximately 1.75 inch

Frequency: 194.18 Hz


Purple Weighted Tuning Fork 

Chakra: Crown 

L: Approximately 8 inch

W: Approximately 1.75 inch

Frequency: 172.06 Hz


Pink Weighted Tuning Fork 

Chakra: Soul Purpose

L: Approximately 7 inch

W: Approximately 1.75 inch

Frequency: 272.20 Hz



What are Weighted Tuning Forks?

Tuning forks are tools/instruments with two prongs on one end and a flat point on the other. Tuning forks can be found with or without weights.

Weighted Tuning forks or Otto Tuners have a round weight at the end of each prong. The purpose of the weight is to help increase the vibration produced by the fork when struck and therefore improving overall effectiveness.

Tuning forks are used by energy workers, musicians and medical professionals alike. They are usually sold in sets of 7, with each tuning fork being a different frequency and each frequency is typically used to help a specific part of the body. 

How to use Tuning Forks?

Tuning forks may be used in a variety of ways and have been used to help treat joint pain by medical professionals. Tuning forks are commonly used by energy workers by having the worker use the mallet on the weighted part of the fork and place the thinner part of the instrument on the body part that needs balancing, relaxing or healing. Popular places to place these forks are in stress areas such as the shoulder blades, any nerve centers and the spine. 

Tuning forks should be practiced on areas that are not as sensitive to start out with so that you begin to understand their vibration and feeling prior to putting it on sensitive areas to begin with. 


Some of the amazing benefits of Tuning forks are that it may help improve mental clarity and focus, may help increase our physical energy and may help with awareness and relaxation. May also help relax the muscular, vascular and lymphatic systems. 


Though tuning forks are used by medical professionals we do not advise using these forks as substitutes for treatment and we recommend asking your medical professional prior to using these if you have underlying medical conditions. 

Please use caution when using these instruments, especially on sore, injured or sensitive areas.


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