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Stones of Transformation

Crystal Current Archangel Michael Bracelet

Crystal Current Archangel Michael Bracelet

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Designed by Alexander Mazzone 

Wrist size: 7"

This Bracelet is the Archangel Michael, Michael's bracelet can be worn any day but has extra power when worn on his day of Sunday. He is the protector, and will clear even the darkest of situations. Great for anyone, but ideal for empaths, healers or Shamans.


  • Angel Aura Skull - Activates the 1st to the 14th Chakras and will create an energy field that will make it possible to receive the frequencies from Angels. When combined with Aqua Aura, it may help repair the wholes in the auric field.

  • Amethyst - May help with relaxation and promoting peace as well as channeling Archangel Michael. It is great for spiritual protection, abundance and activating the crown chakra.

    Bracelets also include Magnetic Hematite which may help with grounding , mental insight and clarity and focusing on strengthening will and the root chakra.

This is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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