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Stones of Transformation

Crystal Current Archangel Raphael Bracelet

Crystal Current Archangel Raphael Bracelet

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Designed by Alexander Mazzone 

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This energy tool calls in the energy of Archangel Raphael, The Seraphim of Healing. This bracelet was designed to assist with helping the wearer heal and it is a powerful energy tool for healers and energy practitioners to energize and transmute the energy of their clients. Raphael’s Bracelet can be worn any day but has extra power when worn on his day of Wednesday.

  • Aventurine Angel Skull- Platinum and Silver Molecularly bonded to Aventurine. This creates the angelic connection to the green and gold rays of Archangel Raphael- Green Aventurine has long been said to promote healing and to prevent energy vampires from draining empaths.

  • Champagne Aura Star- 9A star Rose Quartz Molecularly bonded with Bismuth and 24k Gold. When light passes through this crystal it forms a 6 pointed star fractal which is the golden field that assists in Archangel Raphael’s energetic Access. Champagne aura is said to help with communicating with higher selves and spirit guides.

  • Emerald- By far the best natural gemstone for all energies of the heart and the 4th Chakra. It enhances unconditional love has a healing effect on emotions as well as the physical heart.

  • Green Tourmaline Rutile Angel Aura – Platinum and Silver Molecularly Bonded to the Clear Quartz Encasing Green Tourmaline needles. Green Tourmaline bonded in this way helps Arch angel Raphael clear the aura and remove blockages, opens and activates the heart chakra and provides a sense of peace to the heart and nervous system.

  • Healers Gold Chrysocolla – Works with merlinite allowing the healing practitioner to feel energized from facilitating sessions. Many empaths report feeling exhausted or fatigued after performing Reiki on Energy Therapy Sessions. This combination of gemstones is by far the most powerful to combat that. This particular matrix of healers gold has Chrysocolla mixed in which is also connected to the 4th chakra and the heart.

  • Merlinite Angel Aura- Is said to channel the healing energies and magic of Merlin, the most powerful healer this realm has ever known. Angel Aura is bonded to this gemstone to create an environment of these two powerful healers to assist you during sessions or your own personal healing journey.

  • Shungite- May help purify water and absorb electromagnetic frequencies. Since the body is up to 70% water, many report healing and a better sense of wellbeing through the purification effects that take place when running an electrical current to his crystal current favorite.

  • Terahertz- This metamaterial is a composite of earth elements that studies have shown to promote an increase of blood flow, removing stagnant or toxic energies in the body. It revitalizes inner body energy through its quantum waves throughout all space and time within all cells and DNA (Famous for melting ice extremely quickly.)

This is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. 

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