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Stones of Transformation

Crystal Current Palanquin Bracelet

Crystal Current Palanquin Bracelet

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Designed by Alexander Mazzone 

Wrist size: 6.75"

Palanquin (noun) - (in India and the East) a covered litter for one passenger, consisting of a large box carried on two horizontal poles by four or six bearers.

This current uses magnetized hematite to activate the gold plated copper skulls (because copper is ferromagnetic) that send the current through the high grade 9A Star Rose Quartz. The star rose quartz has been molecularly bonded with Platinum and Silver. ( this process is known as Angel Aura)

Quartz is an inductor, which when put under pressure (magnetic force) will amplify and stabilize electrical current. This is quite literally crystal alchemy when you get an inductor (quartz) and bond it on a molecular level with platinum and silver. (conductors)

Crystal Currents has discovered how to build an electromagnetic field by using magnetized hematite (conductor) placing it next to gold plated copper (ferromagnetic) and amplifying and stabilizing the field with the highest grade quartz on the planet. The quality of these quartz beads are so high, that when light travels through them you can see a perfect six pointed star of light!

Now that we have explained all the boring science stuff, lets talk about the spiritual side of the download! After this was created Alexander woke up the next day and just heard the word. 'PALANQUIN'. Not knowing what that word meant he grabbed his phone to see if he could find out more information. After researching the word on the internet he was in awe to find the definition of the word:

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