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Stones of Transformation

Crystal Current Quan Yin Bracelet

Crystal Current Quan Yin Bracelet

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Designed by Alexander Mazzone 

Wrist size: 7"

After channeling Quan Yin this special energy tool was created to drastically raise the vibration for the wearer. Four pieces of Aquamarine with its special hexagonal structure hold the vibration in the properly aligned magnetic current which creates an electromagnetic field around the wrist. Quan Yin also requested white Jade and Labradorite to be added to this piece to assist in channeling in the Goddess Buddha herself. Each Crystal Current Quan Yin bracelet also comes with two exquisite selenite beads that were made by hand and stabilized for durability. Selenite is a gemstone favorite in the spiritual community and the vibration is absolutely exquisite to be worn on the body!


  • White Jade

  • Labradorite

  • Selenite

  • Aquamarine 

This is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. 

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