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Stones of Transformation

Crystal Current Trident Bracelet

Crystal Current Trident Bracelet

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Designed by Alexander Mazzone

Wrist Size:

For most of recorded history we repeatedly hear about the Trident of Poseidon or his other known alias Neptune. Many have spent their lives researching and hunting for the physical device that is said to control the ocean and the creatures inside. The Trident was said to be off the coast of an island residing at the deepest depths imaginable. Through physical research, healing sessions, and hours of meditation, Alexander has discovered the truth about the trident. The island is representing isolation in the form of meditation or present stillness. The Ocean is a representation of the consciousness, while the bottom of the ocean represents the deep subconscious. The Trident is a symbolizing our two physical eyes and our third eye all on one stream. You will also notice that the trident is often depicted with Hindu gods and goddesses as well. This energy tool was designed to be worn any time of the day but excels in enhancing meditations, remembering dreams, turning on the third eye or gods eye, channeling, and getting in touch with spirit guides and higher selves.

  • Blue Fire Opal

  • Aqua Aura Star Rose Quartz

  • Golden Rutile

This is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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