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Stones of Transformation

Orgone Green Aventurine Heart with Copper

Orgone Green Aventurine Heart with Copper

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Orgone Heart with Green Aventurine pieces and Copper 

Dimensions: 3.25''L x 3''W x 0.5''H 

Green Aventurine Healing Properties: May help support the heart and help with circulatory problems and those recovering from surgery or illness.

Green Aventurine Spiritual Properties: May help calm nervousness, anger and irritation. May also help dissolve everyday stress and enhances sleep.

Orgone Healing Properties: May help protect from EMF radiation, promoting better sleep and helping induce more vivid dreams.

Orgone Spiritual Properties: May help promote spiritual growth, improving relationships and promote balance for all those around it.

Copper Healing Properties:  Copper may be used to help treat joint pain. It may also be used to improve circulation and help detoxify the blood.

Copper Spiritual Properties:  Copper may be used to help rid of negative energies. Copper may also be used to help increase communication and understanding in relationships

This is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease

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